Texas Rock'n Wall

Today is Rock’n Roll day in Japan.
6 & 9 means “Rock” in Japanese.
I love Rock’n roll music so much.
I love Soccer too.
I am member of 246 Rock Stars that is the most cool and funky football team of “Bilingual Cup.”
Bilingual Cup is the futsal league that all members have to speak English.
We will have 3rd season of this league soon.
So Rock’n Roll style is my life.
By the way,
MATERIAL WORLD will launch the brand new product in very soon, named “Texas Rock’n Wall.”
Texas Rock’n Wall is for wall display finish product made of Recycled Teak Wood.
It comes from old house, old Railload tie, or old ship.
Very rustic and antique face give us strong impression.

Texas Rock’n Wall has very unique interlocking design, so you cannot see joint position.
It allows the builder, architect, designer and/or homeowner complete design control.
It evokes a feeling of quality and authenticity that is rare and unparalleled in today’s modern world.
I believe Your imagination will make the fantastic design by using Texas Rock’n Wall.
Check it out!


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